SDNNFV.NET is an organization that is focused on providing open source solutions for businesses and service providers alike.  Solutions that can scale and be easily deployed at a remote office, corporate campus or a carrier core all have different and unique requirements.  So while its true SDNNFV.NET's flagship platform is a focused and purpose built solution the applications that can be powered by Bedrock is as diverse and unique as our users.

This blog will be much like our user base... diverse and energetic, unafraid of addressing issues outside of the scope of SDN or NFV applications - but are related nevertheless.  We hope to use this blog to help inform (correct) misconceptions in the marketplace and help thin the rhetoric in the marketplace from vendors and "experts" alike.

This blog and its content are entirely the views of SDNNFV.NET's management and management alone - no outside influence here - just honest and (we hope) informed opinions designed to stimulate the open dialogue.


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