The recent security breach at Anthem is another example of how difficult it is to secure any type of data on the Internet.  More and more personal data is accruing on-line faster than ever before.  Its a wonder the Anthem breach doesn't occur more often.  Now more than ever its important to not only secure your data but also your activity on-line.  Security firms are not blind to this opportunity - the growing market in on-line security and security enabled solutions, for both business and personal use, is accelerating.

Along with this growth are the number of attack vectors - there is more data on line than ever before and there are more ways to access that data than ever before.  What was considered unrelated and antonymous systems only a few years ago are now forever interconnected.

The Target breach from December 2014 was a result of entry via the company store's HVAC system!!! I am confident the Target IT team invested in all the appropriate systems to secure their data - but I am sure none of them included securing the store's environmental control systems.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) will create opportunity for hackers and malcontents alike - securing machine based IP communication services - the heartbeat of IoT - is already exceeding normal security measures. Organizations are working to provide a more secure on-line experience - which we at labs applaud with much vim and vigor.

However with even more vim and a dash of vigor we ask - and then what?  After all measures are taken it still won't be enough.  Data breaches will still occur.  Now we say this not to cast the security industry in a disparaging light - but rather ask if we look at the problem a bit differently...

We say - Trust no one.  Stop assuming the network you are accessing is secure... its not.  No matter the access - be it commercial or municipal WiFi or your company's internal IT network - assume those networks are compromised and secure the data yourself.  The panacea would be to provide security for data regardless of the underling broadband network.  

IT departments can continue to invest in their networks - and security vendors can continue with new and improved PowerPoint solutions - just don't trust them to solve every problem - they can't.  

That needs to be left  up to you... after all its your data...