This week President Obama announced changes to the US policy to the island of Cuba.  I'll leave politics aside - its to emotional an issue to the ones closest to the discussion.  Eventually relations will normalize and the US embargo that has kept Cuba at bay will finally go away - 

When it does Cuba will be an island released from a time warp - for the people of Cuba it has been 1959 since... well... 1959.  Less that 5% of the island's population has ever been on the internet.  Mobile wireless service is completely not existent.  There is one (1) telecom on the island and the overall infrastructure is very similar to what Andy Griffith used in Mayberry - analogue POTS service.  

I think this poses a wonderful opportunity for operators and professionals alike.  Starting with the retrenching of fiber to the entire island alone will be a multi-year endeavor.  While the fiber is trenched wireless towers will accompany this build out - providing a massive influx of capacity and opportunity for telecom providers willing to make an investment.  

What an amazing opportunity for technology providers and the people of Cuba alike-